James Gault – Actor

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James Gault Actor:

Puffy Mattress used James as an Angle Cowboy in a commercial.

James was chosen to play Bones I in The Outpost TV series where he rode into the “Outpost” on horse back and was quickly killed in bed by Jessica Green as Talon.

The movie Jane and Emma used James as a body guard for Joseph Smith.

James was a digger in movie The Happy Worker Directed by Duwayne Dunham.

Rev Up Utah used James as a cowboy riding a buffalo in a series of get out and vote commercials with Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox.

James Gault – Actor
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Excerpts from a recent interview with James Gault Actor

How is the Utah acting community?

The Utah Acting community is full of legends and up and commers. Casting director like Jeff Johnson continue to make Utah a better place for great actor to be based. It can be a pressure cooker as the phrase time is money is no more applicable than “on set”. Utah has an agent for everyone. Casting opportunities are abundant in Utah for anyone seriously looking for jobs. there are roles to fill for everyone.

What makes acting so much fun?

The reason acting is so fun is that there are few places where everyone want everyone to succeed. It bring a sense of responsibility to bring your best. 

People talk about living in the now and boy are you there as an actor. As an actor when you hear the call, rolling rolling and sound speeding you are right there in your character. You are working.

What’s the hardest part about acting?

Maybe the hardest part about acting is outside shoots. Wind and weather can bring there own set of challenges. Rain and cold can make it difficult to bring the character to the cameras.  An example might be where the wind is blowing snow side ways and the director wants an eye line without blinking so much.

How did you get started in acting?

I got started in acting on a Saturday by chance. I had been riding horses in Heber Utah at the Heber Event Center and was headed hone with a couple of paint horses in the trailer. I was cowboyed up in chaps and riding gear just doing the deal and heading home to my ranch in Kamas. Well on the way not to far from the arena there is a little western town set up with some shops and restaurants. On that particular day i noticed a couple of horses there. And a bunch of guys and girls in cowboy gear with pistols and guns and well….how could a guy just drive by without seeing what was going on. So up I wander and find out they are making a trailer to show to investors to try and get their movie made. You know how life goes. On most days this set up would be unapproachable but for whatever reason, on this particular day, i walked right up on set and conversations began. A divine intervention of sorts? Within an hour i had made friends which i still have. some thanks to Facebook and several of these characters i have seen on set and even shot scenes with them! yeah! The truth can be stranger than fiction.

They connected with me on Facebook and made recommendations for agents and tips to get started. I mean where do you get started lol.

Next thing i know, I’m getting head shots and working on demo reels and doing live auditions. 

Life is very strange! As you are breaking in you hear these names. They seem bigger than life and in fact many are! That makes it exciting. On sets you see famous people. They are very kind people. 

What kind of film is your favorite?

lol. Cowboy stuff for sure. For lots of reasons. I love the costumes and the sets. It can be incredible how these set builders can build such real stuff. And at the end of the day that is who I have become in day to day life.  I feed horses and cows every day. In fact I feed pigs goats sheep pigs. Well I am a bit crazy lol. I drive tractors, backhoes, 4 wheelers, track hoes and horses most days.

Currently I keep 5 riding horses on the ranch and have been lucky enough to use some of them on sets for films and even a couple in a music video for a guy who i would like to plug, Triston Cole! This guy is going to be famous. In fact he kinda is already. Look him up and check out his music!

Name something you did not expect.

Many things, everything. But one recently was having Marc Reynolds over to the ranch to shoot some shots with my horses and some head shots right at the ranch. I mean in Utah this is the guy. The best! You know at first nobody knows your name. You can’t even get an appointment when your paying then he shows up and starts shooting at your place? impossible but it happened. And the nicest guy in the world.